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Provides a directory where the OS wants you to store cached files. Finds the cache directory using the supplied options. The algorithm tries to find a file, searching every parent directory of the cwd specified (or implied from other options). It returns a string containing the absolute path to the cache directory, or null if package. Get a directory for your caching needs. Contribute to LinusU/node-cachedir development by creating an account on GitHub.

However, setting cacheDirectory: '/var/cache/babelcache' results in no directory or cache being created, even though the executing user has. This signature header is required to avoid the chance of an unrelated file named being mistakenly interpreted as a cache directory tag by data. disable-tls; secure-http; bitbucket-oauth; cafile; capath; http-basic; platform; vendor-dir; bin-dir; data-dir; cache-dir; cache-files-dir; cache-repo-dir; cache-vcs- dir.

getCacheDir(); long size = getDirSize(cacheDir); long newSize = + size; if (newSize > MAX_SIZE) { cleanDir(cacheDir, newSize. yarn cache dir. Running yarn cache dir will print out the path where yarn's global cache is currently stored. yarn cache clean [] Running this. cachedir is a tiny utility for tagging directories as cache directories, according to the specification. README · NEWS · manual. This article describes how to exclude a site from being served from Forefront TMG's cache using CacheDir. Provides a directory where the OS wants you to store cached files.

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